12 August 2009

Cutting, cutting

I know it is optimistic to expect that I will stitch any of these blocks while I am travelling, but I have been cutting pieces anyway. There's nothing as pleasing as a small pile of fabric shapes, waiting to be hand pieced


  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    You must be already packed. Wish i was going too. I'll just have to live the trip through you. Safe journey - how will I survive without your blog???
    Sue K.

  2. Why optimistic? If you take thread cutters - the saftey ones - not scissors - they will let you on baord a plane with a needle and thread. You have HOURS to stitch! I put together the rows of a whiole quilt top on a flight home from Tunisia. Admittedly having paid for emergency exit seats was usueful - lots of space to fan the top out!

  3. Squeaksqueal12:11 pm

    These look great. Check with your airline whether you can take them onboard, otherwise pack them to do later. Have a great trip.


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