11 August 2009

Doing things

How often do we put up with irritating things before we actually do something about them? In my case, it can be many months. I often adopt the ignore-it-because-it-will-go-away approach to irritating things (please tell me I'm not the only person who does this) but, in some instances, action is eventually the only choice.

Today I have fixed two really irritating things in my house. The first was my garage door. It popped a wire last Thursday and I chose to ignore it every time I wanted to get my car in or out of the garage, even though it meant I had to half-open the garage door from the inside and half-open the rest from the inside. I can't explain how truly annoying and inconvenient this was. So, this morning I couldn't stand it anymore so I fixed it. Myself. Took all of five minutes. Irritant removed.

The second was the lock on my front door. It had shifted over the years and made the door difficult to open and shut. I had been putting up with it for about a year. A year! Flushed with my success with the garage door, but realising this was a job for an expert, I called a locksmith. Best money I've spent in a long time. Twenty minutes later, and the door opens and shuts easily, just like it was designed to do.

Now those two niggly annoyances have been banished from my life. Brilliant - but why didn't I deal with the problems when they first surfaced? I'll add this to my life lessons - not everything goes away if I ignore it. Sometimes they just have to be fixed.

Now, back to cutting out blocks for hand piecing...

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