18 August 2009

Onwards to London

Still no photos. That's what happens when you rely on public access computers! Not that I haven't taken hundreds of photos - so many that I flattened two lots of batteries.

Yesterday was our first day in London. We were real tourists, travelling around the city on the top deck of a double-decker bus, ogling at all the amazing architecture that surrounded us. The onlt time we got off the bus during the morning was at Liberty of London. OMG. SEveral hours later and many, many photos later, we emerged from that building. I will show photos later. t was such an amazing shop - much more inspiring design than I anticipated.

Met up with my friend Sue - hi Sue! We hopped on the train in the evening and went to Harrods, where our senses were stunned again. Late dinner followed and a great catch-up. More later.

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  1. Well, while you are using lots of batteries for a total zero output, I have been cutting cutting cutting loads of squares for a wonderful output. Don't forget to do the changing of the guard.... between threads that is......later


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