01 August 2009

What a game

All those adjectives apply - sensational, thrilling, rousing, utterly awesome. I've just arrived home and the game has been over for an hour and a half and the adrenlin levels in my body are still so high.

The result? Well, we lost. By a single point. To a team that hasn't lost any games this season (that's 17 straight games). The lead see-sawed several times during the game. It was utterly riveting football.
That is the way I want my Swans to play, every week.

And I've lost my voice from all the screaming. Until next week when we do it all again...


  1. Funny - I was thinking of you and your love of football when I was in my bath last night with the bathroom windows open and I could hear the roaring and chanting from the St.Helens rugby league game against Wigan going on.

  2. I was at the Penrith v Warriors Rugby League game trying to cheer my team home (32 all draw) I have no voice this morning either. Everyone at the end was trying to get the Swans v St Kilda score updates on their mobiles - no service. Must have been very exciting


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