20 August 2009


Yesterday was inspiration overload, as Deb and I spent several hours at the V & A Museum. Sadly, we really needed several weeks to truly take in all the amazing works in the gallery. But we did our best!

Apparently, London is experiencing a heatwave. In local terms, that means a high of 28 degrees which, by Sydney terms, is merely a warm day. We all find that quite amusing.

Today we ventured to Bath and now I want to live there. Well, not really, but it seems to be a most wonderous place in which to experience a quilting retreat. Any takers?

Of course, we visited the Roman Baths and the American Museum, where there were some very fine quilts on display. Lovely summer's breeze ruffled us as we sipped cool drinks in the late summer gardens.

Then to Stonehenge. Amazing.

Tomorrow we're off to (what I think is the main purpose of the trip) the Festival of quilts in Birmingham. So excited.

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