24 September 2009


Many moons ago, I was taught geometry in school. It was incredibly boring to me and I couldn't understand what use it could be. Well!

Why didn't they teach me interesting stuff like this? Since I developed an interest in some of the patterns seen in Islamic art, I've been doing a lot of reading about it. I came across this little book and my copy arrived yesterday (from the wonderful Book Depository, of course).

There's whole lot I need to understand, including terms that I've never heard before (what's a dodecagon* when it's at home?). It is worth pursuing, though, because some of these shapes would be wonderful to interpret as pieced quilt designs.

The strength of this small book is that it shows the underlying structure of the designs. Most are drawn on a structure of overlapping circles, which is a new way of thinking of block construction for me. Lots to learn and lots of drawing and redrawing to be done. I love that there is always something interesting in this world to learn!

* A dodecagon is a polygon with 12 sides.


  1. I'm with you on school geometry....our maths teacher was a good football coach.

  2. ahh the beauty of maths now you can start to enjoy it too...
    Either the NSW Art Gallery or the Museum of Contemporary Arts has several books along the same line as this one. I don't remember if it was a series or if they just covered the same areas though.
    Looking forward to seeing where your maths takes you now:)

  3. So weird! I just ordered the same book from the Book Depository! Only just starting to check it out, but it looks fantastic!

  4. I thought it was a dodecahedron. Oh well almost there!

  5. Hi. My name is Alia and I am an American married to an Omani and living in Oman. I see this Islamic design on a daily basis. It is nice to read that someone is interested and I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Take care...


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