15 September 2009

The grammar of ornament

This is the title of an amazing book by Owen Jones, an English architect of the nineteenth century. My first introduction to his work was at the V&A Museum, where I saw the original edition of The Grammar of Ornament and many of the original drawings prepared for the book (and got over-excited straight away).

How could I have been unaware of this brilliant resource? I was immediately attracted to the Persian and Moresque designs - they are pieced patchwork blocks waiting to happen and I will be drafting similar ones as soon as I can.

My copy of The Grammar of Ornament arrived today (thanks to the wonderful Book Depository) so the next few months will allow me to absorb new patterns and shapes. I just love the fact that there is so much to learn in this world.

If you are interested to learn more about Owen Jones, read the Wikipedia article here.


  1. I wandered into that V&A room by accident not so long ago too - its amazing isn't it? And did you see the stained glass not so far away from it?

  2. !!!! didnt you just LOVE that Owen Jones exhibtion? I took heaps of pictures and have been digesting them ever since. I didn't know you could get the book, I may have to investigate that one....

  3. His work and skecthes were so inspiring! I do recall a 'little' over excitement at the time! PLEASE bring the book with you next week, I SO have to see it!


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