06 September 2009

Liberty of London

Being long-time quilt makers, Deborah and I had Liberty of London on our list of must-sees when we were in London. So we took ourselves off the bus in Regent Street and immediately started to drool.

Just look at the stunning building. Doesn't it invite you to come closer?

We had imagined that the contents of the store would entice us, but firstly we had to drag ourselves away from window displays like this:
Aren't those pineapples divine? (Just ignore the feet reflected in the window. They are mine.) I now have a preoccupation with pineapples (this is a story for another day, along with my other pineapple photos). The exhibition called Prints Charming had nothing to do with my clever friends Kirsten and Cath but instead, it showed all the amazing creations top designers had made with Liberty fabric.

This gorgeous young lady was featured in another window. It took about 20 minutes before we entered the store and once we did we were captivated.

Several hours later we emerged, blinking, into the street. To have visited such a legendary store was, for us, like having been on a pilgrimage. We restored ourselves with a delicious lunch in the pub across the road and ventured onwards to the V&A Museum. It was such a blissful day...


  1. Wow, what a trip! I'm am totally jealous!! :)

  2. So......what did you buy in Liberty?

  3. The memories! About 30 years ago I spent a whole day in that shop!

    I bought maternity clothes!

    (giggle - the word verification is unnest)

    Wasn't a quilter then but I di admire the fabric. I still love liberty prints, even thogh I don't sew with florals very much.

  4. Anonymous3:56 pm

    I bought the material for my Bridesmaids dresses at Liberty's.
    I made the one for the girl I was Nanny to and the other two were made by the bridesmaids mothers. How times have changed.

  5. I know what you mean about pilgammage. I went to Jim Thompson's Silk House in Bangkok and it was SO inspiring. They wouldn't let me take any photos of the actual store so I got one of the ladies rest room, which I thought was pretty swanky by asian (and even by kiwi) standards :-)


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