23 September 2009

No, I haven't moved to Mars

but this is the view from my front door this morning at 6.45am.

The colour is accurate. We are in the midst of a massive dust storm. The colour in the sky is created by the topsoil from the west of our state being blown towards the coast. Bad for the condition of the land in the west, bad for people who have breathing difficulties, but it is still totally spectacular. I'll be staying inside today.


  1. It is spooky, isn't it, Erica. I've blogged a couple of photos too.

  2. This is just amazing - cold, windy and rainy in WA!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. This really highlights the impact of the drought on our environment. Beautiful pictures but the underlying cause is such a concern.

  4. I live on the Far North Coast of NSW and we woke this morning to a beautiful day but by 9.30am the dust had started to blow in. The sky isn't as orange here, but very hazy. I'm glad I'm at home today too. Also my son is home from school with a cold - so I'm glad he isn't out in it. I'll post some photos on my blog.


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