10 September 2009


After yesterday's sad news, I felt compelled to write about our visit to Stonehenge. Just to prove we were there, here's Deborah and I looking quite windswept.

The sky was an amazing colour on the afternoon we visited and a strong breeze was blowing. Yes, there were many buses and cars in the parking area. Yes, the souvenirs were tacky. Yes, there were hundreds of people there. But, you know what? It didn't matter.

Stonehenge had a strong appeal to me. A connection with the land, a sense of all the people who have gone before us in this world. People who were born and grew older; worked and had families and then died. It was simply extraordinary. I felt peace and calm in this place of reflection.

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  1. Yes, Stonehenge is an amazing place, isn't it. We were there this time last year. Did you also discover Woodhenge not too far away? And what about Avebury, another beautiful stone circle in the middle of a village. So many wonders to see over there.
    Regards from Jenny from Upper Hutt, NZ


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