21 September 2009

Thanks for the comments

I always appreciate comments on my posts (don't we all?), but it was terrific to receive some encouraging tips about my foray into free-motion quilting.

Anonymous: I agree about the need for regular repetition of the motions. Muscle memory is a powerful tool and I intend to do a little quilting each day.

Kim: you are very encouraging and that's why I wasn't scared to try!

Sue: Good point about keeping my hand moving. Since I am continually doodling, that shouldn't be a problem.

Quilts on Bastings: Hello Karen! Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot from such a fantastic machine quilter as yourself.

Helen: I did try Kim's Machingers in the class. I quilted half the time with them and half without. Can't say that I noticed much difference, but we were only working on 12-inch sandwiches. I will follow up on Patsy Thompson's videos - I have heard good things about them.

I did stitch for half an hour yesterday and another this morning. I'm getting bored with stitching plain sandwiches (I have a short attention span) so I think I might stitch a few postcards for variety. That way at least I will have some small pieces to swap!

Keep those tips coming please....


  1. Re Machingers - you won't notice on 12 inch squares but when you come to move a whole quilt the grip will (a) stop you slipping and making larger than intended stitches and (b) stop your hands cramping )and in my case hastening the symptoms from my encoraching arthritis)

  2. I just pour myself a glass of wine, take a few deep breaths and go for it! Oh and I sometimes use very bad words.

    I think the trick is to just relax and not worry about being perfect.

    POst cards are a really good idea. Try free motion quilting around some really textured batik (maybe a fat quarter). Follow the strong lines. It's fun!



  3. Another tip is that you can use your sandwiches several times. Just use progressively darker thread.

    BTW, I find postcards are too small for practising free motion quilting - nothing much to grab onto.

  4. Now that you've started your free motion journey tune into Leah Day's blog freemotionquilting.blogspot.com for lots of inspiration and 365 days of patterns! It's great.


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