29 September 2009


are there so many temptations in this world? I was totally oblivious to this wonderful book until Sarah waved it under my eyes this afternoon.

OK, it's not in English, which makes it tricky for me since I don't know much German. Just in case you're wondering, Liesels Funfecke means Liesel's Pentagons and the book is full of ideas for these intriguing shapes. I am seriously hooked already.

I love making pieced blocks with a single template. Rose Star is one such block that I've blogged about before. Since the shapes are all the same, it comes down to the colour placement and arrangement of the pieces to create different patterns. Such fun. Liesel uses the English paper piecing method, but I think life is too short for that so I choose to hand piece.

Sarah could see I was itching to study the book in detail so it is having a holiday in my house. Sigh. So many things to investigate, so little time...

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