20 October 2009

Annual excursion

It seems that I only venture over to IKEA once a year. Probably just as well. Today I spent the morning there and enjoyed myself thoroughly (as usual). I never go to the shop on weekends - weekday mornings are best, when there is no problem finding a parking space right near the exit.

The new catalogue is out so I snaffled a copy for later drooling. The excitement of the excursion was when I saw everyone's favourite bookcase, Billy, is now available in blue! Be still, my heart. Now all I have to do is try to justify another bookcase to myself...


  1. Anonymous3:42 pm

    It's so easy to justify another bookcase ....... simply buy more books!
    Judy B

  2. It's blue. how much more justification.....?

  3. Oh no, blue. Really? I can't fit in another bookcase but some of the shelves in my old one are lookng a little saggy in the middle. Really, I think I might have to have new one, in case of imminent collapse. Don't I?

  4. a blue bookcase - be still my heart
    but I can't fit in another
    maybe Nadie and The Boy would like an extra ?


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