06 October 2009

Back to the drawing board

Remember this block from a few posts ago? I drew it on EQ and made plastic templates so I could start cutting out the pieces today. Well, guess what? It's not symmetrical, so the templates don't fit together to make the block.
It looks symmetrical but it's not. I drew a quarter of it and then cloned the lines and flipped them, but it's not symmetrical. I've obviously made a slip of the mouse somewhere along the line - the pieces are only different by a smidge (that's a quilting measurement term I've never seen in a glossary, but you all understand - yes?) but that's enough to throw out all the piecing.
So I'm going back to the drawing board - literally. I'll redraw it from scratch in EQ and take it very slowly. I had hoped to have a block pieced to show my Slow Burners class next Saturday, but that won't happen now. This block's window of opportunity has passed this week. Too many other things I must do instead, sadly!


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  2. Will try again- the block is going to look super when that smidge is corrected!
    cheers, Sue

  3. Smidge - also known as smidgen. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/smidge
    Very well known by me!

  4. Love the block. Loved the book on Islamic design. We usually like the same things!
    How many other ideas will you blog about and I will say "Ahhhhhh....I wish!"


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