05 October 2009

The chocolate helped

It's a public holiday here today so I'm not working, but sewing instead. Here's a tiny glimpse of the quilt I'm making. It's tiny because it is a cropped section of a photo I took when I first cut out the pieces back in February. (I never claim to be a fast worker.)

I used an old photo because both sets of camera batteries are dead, even though they were charged only last week. Obviously they no longer hold a charge and will have to be retired. New batteries tomorrow.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. To anonymous: the possums in Australia are protected because they are native animals. They are not the same as possums in other countries, with the exception that Australian brushtail possums were introduced into New Zealand by some European settlers who had no idea what they were doing. To Marls: sorry that those cursed possums have caused so much damage in NZ. I feel your pain.

I've decided to disallow anonymous comments from now on, so you'll need an id to leave a comment in future. I think it's better if we all get to know each other by using our names, don't you?


  1. Hi Erica
    I'm glad the chocolate helped.

    As for your new comments setting, as someone who has a self-hosted Wordpress blog, I prefer to leave comments on blogs using my blog url rather than using my Google account which directs other readers to my superseded Blogger blog. (I haven't got my head around the Open ID option yet>) Just FYI.

  2. I think I remember that one - berry noice!
    and the thing about possums is that the American buggars are Opossums... nasty ratty looking vermin ... not at all the same as our lovely [ but destructive ] marsupials... and I too feel NZs pain. A friend brought me back some possum/merino yarn last month and that seems like a brilliant way to cope with the necessity for culling by creating a viable commercial product.


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