15 October 2009

Hello to The Netherlands

I'm waving in your direction! Welcome to all the quilters from The Netherlands who have visited my blog in the past day. It's lovely to see you all and I hope you've found something of interest here. Please leave a comment and say hello!

It's reassuring that some of you had more interesting days than I did yesterday -read about it here. I'm trusting today will offer more stimulation. (By the way, the vacuum cleaner is a beauty. I took it for a whirl up and down the stairs yesterday - where I tried out its special narrow turbo head - and it was great. Just thought you were dying to know.)

Some of my quilt patterns will soon be ready for sale, but not until I stop grappling with logo ideas and make a decision. I'll get there eventually, but in the meantime my mind is spinning with concepts. Too many options, I think.


  1. Anonymous2:40 pm

    To be honest, I think I will be interested in your vacuum cleaner only when you bring it to do my floors ................ which will never happen in my life time if you have any sense!
    Even if you turned up armed and dangerous I think I could divert your attention to coffee and fabric rather than the floor.
    Judy B

  2. Don't worry Judy. The novelty of the new machine has worn off already, like i knew it would. There are many more interesting things to do in my house!


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