14 October 2009

Highlight of my day

I'm glad you asked. In between dropping things off to people, paying bills and zapping everthing metallic with static electricity caused by the very dry winds raging in Sydney, the highlight of my day was buying a new vacuum cleaner. Yes, really.

If you day was more exciting than mine, please leave a comment. I'm sure you won't be able to top my highlight, though.


  1. Hi Erica - yes I can! One of my students left my driveway this afternoon and totalled her car just turning around in the street. It seems her foot stuck on the accelerator and the car wouldn't stop. We had two ambuilances, two police cars and an Integral man to check the pole she hit wasn't damaged. She's OK but the car I'm sure will be a write-off. Does this beat yours?

  2. Hi Erica - Actually I think my day was better - drive for an hour to Rouse Hill and then sit and sew in my car for 3.5 hours while my son did his compulsory pre-learner motorbike licence 'stay upright' course and then drive for another hour home - yup I'm happy! - Glynis

  3. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Not today, but yesterday I spent a fair portion of the day playing records and recording them onto CD via the newest toy in the house .............. today I listened to the birds because I haven't learned which buttons to push when! I coulda' been quilting!
    Judy B

  4. Hmmm... I spent two hours watching my husband try to change the TWO tyres on our car that were slashed by some passing *&^$^%#* - Ahem, PERSON. That was the highlight of my day.


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