10 October 2009

Ingrid Press

There were many exciting and truly inspiring things to see and do at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts last August (is it really two months ago?). I saw the work of so many fabulous quilters and textile artists, but the work of Ingrid Press stood out for me.

I fell in love with the simplicity of line in her quilts. They are soothing, calming quilts that invite you to sit and contemplate. Well, at least that's what they do for me.

I snapped photos of all her quilts and drool over them most days. Sadly, I don't have Ingrid's permission to publish my photos, so I haven't been able to show you. So now I'm excited that you can share my pleasure and see some of Ingrid's quilts. If you pop over here, you'll be able to visit with Ingrid and Sarah on SEWN. Go on, I know you'll love them.

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