25 October 2009

Look, it's applique

I got out of bed today so early and I've done so many tasks that I can't believe there is still an hour left in the morning. Probably time for a nap soon!

Here's a peek at my latest play; this time it's applique. I couldn't resist this gorgeous umbrella print and the half-metre piece I bought has been sitting in my stash for several months. I bought it for a pieced quilt I have started to imagine, but when I wanted some fabric for hand applique, it called out to be used. Hmm. Will probably need to buy some more now!

This is my first hand applique. Before I started I pulled my copy of Liuxin Newman's book, Perfect Hand Applique with Thimblelady, off the shelf and had a thorough read. My first few curves were a challenge, but soon I worked out a rhythm that was comfortable. It can only get better with practice.


  1. woo hoo!! looking good....

  2. Good on you for giving it a go. Hand Applique is on my list of to dos but isn't too high.


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