11 October 2009


Yesterday was my Slow Burners class at Material Obsession. I am always excited to see the progress that has been made since last month's class and there was plenty to see this time!

First, Susan showed us her joined Rose Star blocks. Our task for the day was to choose border fabrics for this quilt, so we all trooped into the shop and carried back bolts we thought would work. Two winners were chosen, but you'll have to wait until next month to see how Susan puts them together. What a beauty this quilt will be.

Susan has already started work on her next hand-pieced project - Feathered Star blocks made with Fossil Fern fabrics. She had a stash of these at home, just waiting for the right pattern to come along. We are looking forward to seeing some pieces cut out next class.

Lyn has finished her gorgeous quilt now, having had it professionally quilted. I love the striped binding that just sets off the border perfectly. This block is Grandma's Star.

Lyn's next project is with the Daisy Days block. These are her first two so far. I love the use of black and white centres.

Deidre is in the process of piecing her Chook Shed quilt together. Fantastic orange-surrounded Queen of the May blocks glow from the black backgrounds. Yum.

All these blocks are cut with the terrific Victorian Textiles perspex templates that I enjoy using so much. You can buy them from Material Obsession - check out the new MO website here! You can use the templates with a rotary cutter or you can trace around them with a pencil. Either way, they make hand piecing a breeze. (You can also machine-piece the blocks of course, but why deprive yourself of the joy of rhythmic hand piecing?)


  1. Oh wow ...these are all gorgeous!..
    Julia ♥

  2. I am also hand pieceing the Rose Star quilt. I never thought to fussy cut the pieces. Looks great


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