22 October 2009

Quilt patterns

There are now patterns for three of my quilts available in my SEWnSELL shop, so I thought you might be interested in the stories behind the quilts.
My version of the traditional Thousand Pyramid layout is called Pyramids from the Stash. It is my absolute favourite quilt and is the one I sleep under every night. I made it to try to use up blue fabrics in my stash - as if! Easy to cut and piece by machine, it is the perfect pattern to make if you like scrap quilts or you could be more coordinated and plan your colour layout. I didn't; I just alternated light and dark blue fabrics.

This quilt, Sunshine on Roses, cheers me everytime I look at it. It is currently draped across a high-backed cane chair in my living room and I feel it smiles at me. One day, I suddenly had the urge to make a yellow and pink quilt after I saw sunshine highlighting the petals on a pink rose in my garden. I started collecting fabrics and thought about how I could use them. The pattern is easy to make and also perfect for using your stash. There are only two blocks in the quilt.
Now this one is fun. I called it Girt. If you are not Australian, you might not understand the reference, so I probably should explain. In the centre of each block I have used a fabric covered in small Australian flags. The blocks are made with red/ochre/green fabrics, to represent the land of our country. The outside border is pieced with blue/ochre fabrics to represent the oceans that surround the land. Deep and meaningful, isn't it?
Anyway, in our national anthem, there is a line "our home is girt by sea" (girt means surrounded) and since my blocks are surrounded by blue fabric, I wanted to use that wonderful word, Girt, as the name of the quilt.
Girt is sitting here on the shelf beside me. So even if you don't know anything (or care!) about the story behind the quilt, the pattern is fun to make. All the strips are short so it is perfect for scraps. Fun and easy.
These are the first three patterns I've released in my shop. I have a couple more nearly ready to be loaded, so look out for them soon. I hope you enjoy them.

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