29 October 2009


The jury service is over and it was horrible. I was lucky it was so short and I hope I never have to do it again.

I was in need of more pleasant experiences so I ventured into my garden this morning - the first time in several days - and found a wonderful surprise.

Many months ago, I had sown some aquilegia seeds in amongst other plants in a large terracotta pot. The plants had grown and lovely leaves had developed, but I never saw any flowers coming until suddenly there they are!

Aren't they the most beautiful flowers?

I've been reminded that we constantly need to refresh ourselves and focus on the positive in life. My garden helps me do that because there is always something changing amongst the plants. Sewing and good friends also helps replenish the spirit, so thank you Sarah for a lovely day that helped me regroup.

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  1. :) no problem my lovely friend, anytime - you know you listen to heaps of my whinges fairly often! We quilters need to stick together and remember why we love quilting in the first place xx


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