04 October 2009

Some days are better to ignore

I'm a firm believer in stopping when things aren't working out. Stop, take a deep breath, go and do something else. So I've decided to write off today and focus on tomorrow instead.

It has been raining here since yesterday, which is truly wonderful since our city is parched and still coated in red dust from the dust storms of a few weeks ago. The rain has washed down the buildings, roads and trees and soaked into the thirsty ground. For this I am grateful.

I'm not so pleased about the feeding frenzy that the neighnourhood possum had in my garden last night. Several plants were stripped of new leaves, petunias were eaten to the ground and pots were knocked over by this (unfortunately legally protected) animal.

To regain my equilibrium, I retreated to the sewing room and started stitching pieces for a current quilt. The bobbin ran out of thread. The scissors were blunt. The rows wouldn't meet. The container of pins spilled on the floor. I'm just not meant to sew this today.

Now I'm going to eat chocolate.


  1. Chocolate sounds like a wise move.

    I'm finishing a quilt top using your Sunshine on Roses pattern in QDU. The centre squares and rectangles are I Spy prints and I've used two blue fabrics for the strips. And it's smaller. And the border is different. Apart from that it looks just the same :-D

    Thanks for the pattern, I have enjoyed making it up.

  2. Hi Sharon, I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern. I'd love to see a photo if you have one to email to me? ericacreativedabbling@gmail.com

  3. Oh Erica! What a shocker of a day!

    Mine has been a ittle better, but I just spat the dumby with Yahoo! Grrrr. I'm trying to post photos and I can't find them now - yahoo said they are posted but I can't find them. I've just zig zagged a binding onto a post card and promptly cut it off! I've been doing these edgings for months and this one went stupid and wavy! GRRRR X 2.

    PLease can I have some of your chocolate? Our pantry has run out!


  4. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Do tell why a possum is legally protected in the city. They carry awful diseases....

    You did indeed have the bummber of a day - here in the States it is 8 a.m so there in Oz it is 11 p.m. nitey nite.

    Tomorrow will be sunshine or a rainbow.

  5. I so agree, Erica. Whatever the problem, chocolate is always the answer! Hope tomorrow's better and that pesky possum doesn't come back for dessert. I have heard it said that making a solution from quassia chips soaked in water and spraying it on the plants is a deterrant - always supposing it isn't raining, of course. Apparently it has a bitter taste.

  6. Quality chocolate I hope?

  7. What a day.
    I have spent so much money on plants to feed the possums!! I got a tip from the blogging world that has helped-hang CD's in the garden.Don't worry what the neighbours think. Possums
    don't like the light reflection.
    The plants I put in the other day are still there Yippee!
    In NZ they are a pest so I struggle with them being protected here.
    Hope today is a better one.


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