18 October 2009

Sunday snapshot

Preparing - patterns of some of my quilts, including this one, Indigo Tiles. I'm used to writing patterns, but designing the layouts is an interesting new experience.
Reading - The girl who kicked the hornets' nest by Stieg Larsson. Just finished it and loved it (even though the book is so heavy to hold).
Building - a garden structure out of concrete blocks. Surely all those squats are good for me?
Planting - cream nasturtiums and blue salvia. Yum.
Loving - daylight saving in springtime. Perfect for pottering in the garden.
Planning - a possum-proof vegetable garden. I have the technology!

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  1. Let me know the trick to a possum proof vegie garde. They love my plants-especially parsley, coriander and can you believe chillis!


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