12 October 2009

Thinking things through

Since I finished all my current work tasks yesterday, I've spent today thinking about what I'd like to achieve and how I can best do that. More thinking needs to be done, but at least I've started the planning.

One of the things on my list is to do more applique. Considering that I do exactly none now, that surely won't be difficult to achieve? I've had my copy of Barabra Brackman's Encyclopedia of Applique for a few weeks now (approximately $30 cheaper than I could purchase locally, thanks to The Book Depository) but really haven't had time to delve into it properly until today. It is a completely updated edition of her original 1993 book and has certainly started me thinking about shapes and designs.

Also on the subject of applique, I came across this website today - All About Applique. I have already learnt some handy tips there to get me motivated.

Back to my planning...


  1. I look forward to seeing some blocks when I come.

  2. Love this book!
    oh applique my favorite thing to do right now
    can't wait to see what you start with!
    good luck and ask away if you have any questions.

  3. Hooray!! you know how I LOVE applique... I think we need some sewing together so I can witness this phemomenon and give you some help if you want some. I promise I'll bring all my applique goodies - Roxanne's needles, Patchwork with Busy Fingers glue, beautiful, beautiful Tre Stelle thread that disappears like magic when you stitch.
    Good book isn't it?


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