07 October 2009


Deadlines certainly do make me focus. I don't have a problem writing to deadlines beacuse I've become used to it over the years. Today I finished writing three pieces for a new Australian magazine, Down Under Textiles, which will be published in December. You can read about the magazine here. I just have to make a piece of silk paper now and photograph the stages and I'm done.

But even though I am used to working like this, I still feel an overwhelming sense of relief once I've finished. It's as if the idea of writing a specific piece lurks in the back of my mind all the time I know I have to do it. It takes up more and more room in my conscious mind until it is translated into text and finished.

Then the whole world is open to me - what will I do next? Dig in the garden, read a book, start a new sewing project, go for a walk? There is suddenly space in my head for new ideas and opportunities, but other committments mean I won't be able to indulge until next Monday. I will savour the options until then.


  1. Aaaakkk!! I came over here to avoid my deadlines and instead find yours.... :) ha ha

  2. Erica,

    Thank you for this lovely bit of news, I wish I didn't have to wait till December, but it's something to look forward to.


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