23 November 2009

Bid 4A Cause bidding starts on Friday

It's time! Get ready to support the Bid-4A-Cause fund raising activities for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. On Friday 27 November, the auction will begin, so please help spread the word to all your friends.

There are 14 unique A4-sized textile
artworks available. Wouldn't you like the opportunity to add an artwork to your textile collection by any one of these Australian textile artists?

Sue Dennis, Helen Godden, Lisa Walton, Wendy Bailye, Dijanne Cevaal, Jocelyne Leath, Caroline Sharkey, Sarah Louise Ricketts, Robyn Kennedy, Nic Bridges, Erica Spinks, Brenda Gael Smith, Dale Rollerson and Olga Walters.

All money raised will be sent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. There are no administration or artist’s fees, so every cent you spend will go to this extremely important and worthwhile charity.

Click here to read more and to see photos of the textile pieces. Don't forget - bidding starts on Friday!

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