28 November 2009

Lisa's open studio

What a lovely way to spend a morning - talking with quilters at Lisa's open studio sale. This was the studio, all neat and tidy before it started at 10am:

Another view. Wonderful studio space for designing, sewing and having workshops!

Note all the yummy beads in containers on the bookcase! Lisa had a scoop nearby and while I was filling my plastic tub with my selection of beads, I felt as if I was in a lolly shop. The colours and shapes were divine.

Yes, I did give in and buy a few things. Three pieces of hand-dyed fabrics and a tub of beautiful beads, including leaf-shaped ones in two different greens. Hours of playing pleasure ahead for me.

If you couldn't make it today, Lisa is continuing her open studio tomorrow. Full details are here, and there are also some specials on her blog if you can't make it to the studio in person (though you really should pop over if you are in the area between 10am-4pm - feel the lure of those hand-dyed colours).


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  2. Torture!!!!!!! I would just love to come a see for myself her amazing space!

    Too far away!!!!!!

    My Lisa stash (fabric and beads) would just love some new friends!

    But sad to say, I really can't do kits! I tried, but the fabric just took me somewhere else.

    I'll just have to wait for monthly fabric and beads fix! And I've just signed up for a workshop with her, down here in Tassie, in February, so I guess I'll get my Lisa fix.



    PS - word verification - pestedit! gee!


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