22 November 2009

Mad for magazines

Just can't help myself. I have always been addicted to magazines (is there any wonder I'm a librarian?) and will go to great lengths in pursuit of them.

I have been collecting and enjoying Quilters Newsletter magazine (the lack of an apostrophe in that title drives me crazy - that's the writer in me showing itself) for over 20 years. I started buying it at a local patchwork shop (which is no longer), dabbled with a subscription for a few years and, for the past seven or so years, from another patchwork shop. For all that time, I've pined when it hasn't been delivered when promised.

Now, before you all tell me how incredibly reliable overseas magazine subscriptions are, I have to say that has never been my experience. I have no problem with magazines within my own country, but every time I have a subscription to an overseas magazine, it has been totally useless. Late, irregular and often not arriving at all. So I've sworn to only buy magazines locally from now on.

Locally, of course, has a flexible definition. Last week, I travelled to several different shops in several different suburbs in pursuit of this issue of Quilters Newsletter. (That's because I didn't buy it when I first saw it in a newsagency because I was waiting for the patchwork shop to send me my copy. When I phoned to ask whether it was on its way, I was told they were still waiting on their subscriptions. Of course they were - I should have known.)

I was so happy to finally track it down and spent several hours happily reading. Until next issue...


  1. Do you store them all in numerical and magazine order in bookshelves.
    I am fast running out of space in my huge huge bookshelf......a few lessor mags have migrated to other places but have complete collections of most of the Aussie ones.

  2. I thought it was only me who had problems with this magazine. For a number of years I had a subscription, it lapsed and then I resubscribed but delivery is intermittent at best. I'll be sticking to Oz mags in future.

  3. I subscribe to QNM - it's my favourite mag. I have had no problems with delivery. I wonder what's the problem!

  4. "Quilters Newsletter" is the only magazine I keep, and I've done so since 1996! At one time their name DID have an apostrophe in it. I freelance write articles for QN. My story about the Feb. 7 bushfires is in the issue you've shown. Another of my stories, about Oz quilters who piece quilts with stitchery blocks will be in the June 2010 issue.

  5. Erica, if you're ever in search of a particular issue of QN, please don't hesitate to contact our editorial offices! Our assistant editor, Joli Sayasane, is fabulous and will make sure you get what you need. Thanks for reading QN! Joli's number is 303-215-5629; her email is jsayasane@creativecraftsgroup.com. All the best! -Angie Hodapp


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