24 November 2009

Magazine junkies

I'm very pleased I'm not the only person addicted to magazines. I was Editor of Down Under Quilts magazine for four years, so I know how much planning, effort and time goes into producing jam-packed issues that are eagerly awaited. I also know how much juggling goes on and how stressful it can be!

All the more reason for us to appreciate the quilt magazines we have today and the efforts of the people who work for them. That's why I appreciated the comment that Angie Hodapp left on Sunday's post about my quest for Quilters Newsletter. Angie is the Editor-in-Chief of Quilters Newsletter and she suggested a contact in her office who could help me track down issues I missed. Thank you for getting in touch, Angie!

Through our online connections, it is easy to make contact with quilters all around the world. Yet is also simple to forget that real people are at the end of all those blogs and emails. So let's all celebrate the generosity of real quilters with whom we interact, especially those who create the magazines we love so much.

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  1. Here, here! Well said! And let's hear it for those magazines that hire freelance writers - like me - to contribute to their publications. It makes vacations even more enjoyable when one must research stories. Thank you, "Quilters Newsletter" for those opportunities, and any other publications and designers who may be looking for skilled assistance. (Madly waving my hand!)


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