10 November 2009

Zigzag love

I find it interesting that certain shapes and patterns appear in my quilts in batches. I've had a couple of zigzag projects in various stages for most of this year. This hand pieced project is starting to come together this week as I join the blocks with sashing. While the colours in the pic have a washed-out look, it's good enough to give you the general idea of how the quilt is developing.

You'll recognise these blocks as Grandma's Star. Lovely to piece, these ones are made with small pieces of various green/blue fabrics. I need to make a few more blocks to finish the centre section, then I can work out the borders.
I enjoy seeing how a quilt develops, because each design seems determined to go in its own direction. Although I had a specific idea for this right from the beginning, it still may not turn out the way I first envisaged. We'll see...


  1. Looks terrific, Erica. Please bring it to class on Saturday so we can see it "live".

  2. Erica, you're making fantastic progress on this! I love the unusual color combination, and great prints. I'm so glad I got to see some of it in person. Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. This is a beautiful pattern. I've not seen it before. I can't wait to see what you do next.Thanks.

  4. Wow, Erica, that is going to be a gorgeous quilt.


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