03 December 2009

Day out

Yesterday, Stephanie and I had the BEST day. My friend Stephanie lives on the other side of our enormous country. She was visiting Sydney for a week, so we decided to have a big day out.

After driving for an hour and a half to my place (yes, Sydney is a large city), Stephanie arrived and we were straight out into the garden. It's lovely talking plants with another mad gardener! Of course, Steph checked out how her Japanese Maple had settled into my garden. I think that big smile means I'm doing ok!

We'd decided to have an excursion to the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney. Why? To visit the quilt shops, of course!

I don't go to quilt shops very often, mainly because I have SO much fabric in my sewing room, so this was cause for great excitement. We visited Village Quilt Shop and Timeless Threads in Mittagong, Berrima Patchwork, and My Place in Bowral. Oh my, what a great time we had.

Thank you Stephanie, for the very best day!

And before you ask - yes, we did buy fabric!

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  1. Steph is looking great. So's the garden. Congrats on the magazine cover, too!


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