07 December 2009


I bought a piece of this purple and white fabric this morning because it reminded me of my Aunty Dot.

That isn't her real name, but we always called her Dot because she wore dresses made with spotted fabric. I've always loved clothes that had dots all over them ever since I was a kid; all due to Aunty Dot. The future for this piece of fabric is to be included in my next quilt, but maybe I should go back and buy some more to make a shirt?

Two of my selvedge pincushions were snapped up yesterday - thanks! There are still a few available, so if you want one, hop over here.

And, before I forget, there's a giveaway every day for the next 10 days over on SEWN. Great prizes you will love!

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  1. Selvedge pin cushion arrived safely and was much admired by my study group.
    It came with a parcel of glace fruits and nuts from South Australia.
    I think it won as the more interesting of the two parcels.
    Thanks for being so prompt


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