31 December 2009


Well, I wish I could show you a photo of the quilt I finished yesterday, but it's for a challenge and is meant to be revealed at a gathering in August. How about that - finishing a quilt eight months before it is due? I know that's a first for me and I'm pleased to have it completed.

The challenge was to use the supplied eight fat eighths of pink hand-dyed fabrics to make a quilt of some sort. We could add a single printed fabric. I decided I wanted to practise my needle-turn skills, so I focused on appliqueing
circles. You can certainly notice the difference between my first attempts and the last ones. That's all I can say.

Another thing that's been occupying me time in the past week is watching episodes of Quilting Arts TV on DVD (I borrowed series 100 and 200 from a friend). I like watching people demonstrate their skills, and am enjoying seeing the presenters in action. Aren't we lucky that today's technology can allow this to happen?

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