28 December 2009

Much better

The rain's been falling all through the night and is still coming down lightly. Wonderful sustenance for the ground around me. I can practically see the grass turning green! I spent several hours yesterday entering data into my family history database. Lots more work to go, though, before I can see where the gaps are. Slowly and methodically, that's how I'm taking it.

To answer a couple of comments:
Tozz asked whether Family Tree Maker runs on Vista. According to the documentation that came with my 2010 version, yes it does. My computer has XP, so I can't vouch for it on Vista.

Glenice - I'm pleased you are enjoying the selvedge pincushion and encouraged that you are collecting selvedges now. Another convert!

Thanks for the sympathy Di and Jennifer. It helped!

Back to hand quilting while watching the cricket...

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