26 December 2009

Oh happy day

The rain started here last night and it is still drizzling down, though I wouldn't mind if it came down heavier for another couple of days. All the earth is saying thank you.

I am alternating between two projects today, so here are some teasers. This is a small section of a challenge quilt I am hand quilting...

And here is a closeup of a small section of a machine-pieced project that's on the design wall. Two more orange blocks are needed, so I'll be rummaging through my stash later to see what I can find. Then I'll need to defer the top until I can go shopping for some purple fabric for the borders, since all our local patchwork shops are closed until January.

Days don't get much better than this. Rain, cool temperatures, sewing, the cricket on the TV and leftover prawn salad for lunch. Oh happy day.

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