27 December 2009

Oh no

Over the past 25 years, I have spent a lot of time and energy researching my family history. I have discovered ancestors with fascinating names (such as Cinderella Spinks - there HAS to be a good story behind that, don't you think?) and traced one line directly back to a First Fleet convict.

I added all the information I had found to my computer, using an early version of the Family Tree Maker programme. This was before the internet was widely available and I marvelled at being able to print out family charts that showed the links between generations.

When my previous computer died last month, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to upgrade my Family Tree Maker software. There have been many, many upgrades since I bought my first version. I received the 2010 version as a gift a couple of days ago and installed it last night.

Can you guess what I'm going to say next? Somehow, all my data had been lost. I was pretty sure it was included in my backups, but even though I hunted high and low, it is nowhere to be found. Oh no!

Luckily, I have a descendant chart of one line of my family I had printed a few years ago and I have a copy of the wonderful published book The story of John Nichols First Fleeter and five generations of his family, which includes a lot of information I contributed. So, I haven't lost the information for that line, I just have to key it all in again.

Sadly, that doesn't apply to my other line. I will need to resort to entering data from all the certificates I gathered over the years. So there's my task for 2010 - to get my records up to date, make sure the backups are safe and perhaps invest some more time in research.


  1. Oh Erica! What a bummer! Surely it HAS to be there somewhere... ?

  2. Cinderella Spinks? Just think, you could have been named after her!

  3. Oh how miserable. I have taken to backing up some things and giving them to friends. Off site copies.
    Even with the best people doing the transfer, somehow you manage to lose things. It is not still on your old hard disk. Mine is down at the factory with Incredimail still on it and I need to go down and email to myself all I want to keep because the darn program loves to import and hates to export. It at least made me change to Outlook Express.
    Your pincushion has been much inspired and my friends said...oh yes you collect selvedges don't you..no I don't...said I.....but just guess what is happening now!!!
    Have a great holiday week.

  4. That is what happened to me...I had to get a new computer and upgraded to XP and of course my Generations program wouldnt run on XP...so I got another program...put it all in and silly me didnt back it up....boommm! lost it all again in as my computer had a hissy fit. I still havent got around to doing it all again. Is that new one you got there good to go on a computer with Vista?

  5. Hey Erica - we're First Fleeters too! Perhaps our ancestors were committing crimes together... :)

  6. how annoying maybe I will persevere with Family tree maker 2006 that doesn't work well with vista.


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