30 December 2009

Secret pleasures

Well, I guess it won't be so secret now since I've told you! I'm currently re-watching one of my favourite TV series, Murder She Wrote. There's so much to love about this series and I always feel uplifted after each episode.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a brief description. The main character is Jessica Fletcher, an English teacher turned mystery novelist, who solves mysteries and murders in each episode. Made in the USA, the series was filmed between 1984 to 1996. So what do I like about it?

Well, I love that Jessica is so snoopy (the polite term is curious). She's widow 'of a certain age' who lives in Cabot Cove, a fictional town on the coast in Maine. She has no dependents, so she's free to run her life as she sees fit. Her small town has a sense of great community and she lives in a house that I'd like. Oh, and she always solves the mysteries!

And, best of all, those 1980s fashions (except for Jessica, who is always beautifully dressed) are so laughable! Huge spectacle frames, protruding shoulder pads and seriously big hair. Did we really wear that sort of stuff in the '80s?

I enjoy characters who facilitate my fantasy lives, and Jessica is one of these. Who are the fictional lives that you enjoy?

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