09 December 2009

A treat

Before she went overseas, Brenda left this book in my custody, knowing I would enjoy it as much as she did. Even though I'm only half way through my first read, I am ready to pronounce it wonderful.

Quilting art: inspiration, ideas and innovative works from 20 contemporary quilters is written by Spike Gillespie. There is a story about each quilter, including several pages of great photographs of their quilts. Most of the names I know, but there are a few who are new to me, so it's exciting to investigate their stories.

A feature I like is that each quilter offers a short word of advice. One that particularly resonates with me is from Angela Moll: "I would encourage people to just basically look within themselves and do things their way. Who cares what is the wrong or right way? Do it your way."

Luckily, I have the pleasure of poring over this book for some time yet. I know I'll be revisiting parts of it again and again.

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