24 December 2009

Turning points

Earlier this week, we experienced the longest day of the year. I wish I could say this means the worst of our summer heat is over, but that's so untrue it's laughable. The forecast is for three days of proper rain here, starting tomorrow, and that would be a dream come true for our parched land.

Another turning point is today. At last, the incessant pressure to spend money on useless rubbish has ceased for the season and the stress of playing artificial 'happy families' is easing. One more day and that will all be over until it all starts again (about October) next year.

I love the next year stretching out ahead of me. At this stage anything and everything is possible for 2010. Some activities are already written in my diary; some dates are committed. But the feeling is still that of endless possibilities and my feeling that dreams are achievable. How grateful I am.

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