13 January 2010


Today I dyed some fabric, using Procion MX 069 colour. I folded a large piece of fabric (it's about 1.3 metres) several different ways to try to achieve a window-like pattern. I didn't fold precisely because I wanted some lines to be asymmetrical.

I love the way a few wiggly lines of colour have appeared. Now I need to gaze at the fabric for a few more days before I decide how to cut it. The piece is too big for what I have in mind, so some sections will be trimmed, but which ones?

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  1. Put the scissors away! This piece is "made" by the mix of dark and light, plain and texture,and the different values of green (or whatever colour it actually is... forgive my colour blindness).

    If this was mine, I would be allowing the passage of time for the subconscious to uncover a way ahead. Hope you let us see what becomes of this lovely piece.


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