21 January 2010


My copy of this new book by Jinny Beyer arrived yesterday and I have been browsing through it ever since. If you enjoy making pieced blocks, you will want this book - it's such a wonderful collection of patchwork blocks.

I've been a Jinny Beyer fan since I first started piecing 25 years ago. In addition to learning from her books, I've been fortunate to take two workshops with her when she visited Australia in the 1990s. I credit her with my ongoing love of hand piecing. To see her amazing quilts and know that every piece of fabric is joined by hand stitching and that all the quilting is done by hand - well, that is so inspiring.

In this book, Jinny compiles 4050 pieced blocks. They are all from USA sources, including approximately 500 blocks designed by Jinny. She does not provide templates in her pattern books. Instead, Jinny explains how to analyse blocks to see the underlying grid. The book includes clear plastic grid sheets that can be placed over the block photos to help with the analysis. This means you can draft the block patterns to be any size you want, and Jinny explains how to do this. Each block is shown in colour as well as a line drawing. There are also photographs of some quilts, but no instructions for making those quilts.

I find that the ability to draft blocks is a dying skill. With so many quilt patterns available these days, there are many sources of wonderful blocks. But what if you want to make the block bigger or smaller? So many quilters don't know where to start. By following Jinny's methods, which have stood the test of time, you can draft any of these blocks to size. 

I really can't praise The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns highly enough. It is a hefty book, so check around for good prices. I bought mine from The Book Depository, where it was delivered to my door for only $53.48, which is a sensational price.  

Now that I've been through the book once, I'm going back to bookmark my favourite blocks. It may take some time... 


  1. I have her earlier version : The Quilters Album of Blocks and Borders. It sounds similar but I'm sure this one has even more blocks. I still use the original one all of the time. Everything she produces is so thorough!

  2. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Don't forget to breath!
    Like Vicki, I have the earlier version, but just may needthe new one as well.
    Judy B

  3. Received mine yesterday as well from the Book Depository. Have been on Night Duty so haven't had the chance to look at it in depth but can't wait to study it.

  4. I have recently got this wonderful book and find it an invaluable reference and inspiration. It is up on the shelf with my Barbara Brackman books.
    Love your blog.

  5. Erica, I couldn't agree more. Jinny's book is a wonderful resource.

    I really enjoy your blog. You always have interesting posts :)
    Handpiecing and Applique Yahoo Group


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