17 January 2010

Even more

I promise this is the last post about dyeing for a while. This piece of fabric was stitched, gathered and dyed. The more distinct lines were stitched through double fabric, while the more subtle lines were stitched through a single layer. Interesting, but doesn't have the wow factor.

This one I totally love. It was folded, concertina-like, and then rolled. I secured the roll with two overlapping rubber bands and that's what made the curved patterns at the bottom. I shall think for a while about how to best stitch this piece because I'm sure it is unique fabric.

That's what I love so much about dyeing. I'm sure that even if I did the same folding and securing again, the pattern of the dye would be different - maybe even more interesting!

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  1. Oh! You are having so much fun! I would have love to be at the party! I really should post pics of my rust dyes! I can see gum trees!



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