08 January 2010

Love walked in

I stayed awake very late last night, finishing reading this book, Love walked in by Marisa De Los Santos. I had to - the story was so engrossing and I needed to know how the characters' lives worked out.

Even though I was at work all day today, my thoughts drifted in spare moments to the book - what had touched me so much and made me feel so strongly?

One aspect is the language. It is so beautifully written - the deft touch of a poet is at work here. Thoughts and actions are carefully, yet evocatively, described. A fantasy-like feeling overtook me in some parts as I flowed with the rhythm of the words.

To enjoy a story, it is imperative that I care about the characters; that I feel I know them and want to learn more about them. I'm investing my time in the characters and seeing them through the veil of my own life experiences. These characters delivered. Hugely.

I feel I'm a better person after experiencing this novel. It is threaded with hope and triumphs by bewitching the reader. All I can say is this - read and savour.


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