10 January 2010

Make a quilt for Olympic athletes

The summer Olympic Games will be held in 2012 in London, and UK quilters have organised a fun challenge that's open to everyone, no matter where they live - Quilts 4 London. The aim is to make a gift for each athlete - a journal quilt made in the shape of a pennant. All the pennants will be strung together to make some stunning exhibitions leading up to the Olympic Games.

The organisers have provided all the information you need on this website. There is an Australian coordinator for pennants made here and she, along with the other coordinators, may be contacted through the site. The pennants are A3 size and you can use any technique you like to make them. The website even has a label you can complete and print on fabric to attach to your pennant.

This sounds like great fun, so why don't we all try to make at least one?

NOTE: It appears my link only works sometimes. If you are after the Quilts 4 London website, the address is http://www.quilts4london.org.uk/


  1. Erica I can't get to the website via the link you posted. I'd like to participate.

  2. Hi Erica,

    Quilts4london welcomes Pennants from Australia.
    We have an Australian Coordinator. Sandi Manning who can help you further. Details are on our website.


    Thank you Erica for promoting our project.:-)

    Catherine, Quilts4london.


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