26 January 2010

My country

Happy Australia Day to Aussies all around the world. Let's celebrate living in this wonderful country!

As you can see from the stylised map, mainland Australia is a huge island that is 'girt by sea'. I've loved the word 'girt' (it means surrounded) ever since I first heard it in our national anthem. So much so that I named this pieced quilt Girt

The quilt is made in the colours of Australia - the ochre and red of the outback, the green of the rainforests and the blue of the sea. I featured fabric with the Australian flag in the centre of each block .

The pattern for this quilt is available in my online store here. It would look great made in any colour combination - you don't have to make a patriotic version like I did.


  1. Clever! I like that quilt.

  2. How Patriotic! I'm very impressed by your lovely quilt.

  3. Great to see that flag fabric lives on. Must be at least 10 years old! Nice quilt :-)


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