02 January 2010

Quilt labels

I spent a couple of hours yesterday experimenting with quilt labels. I have been very lax this year and neglected to add labels to any quilts. I decided to try printing labels and transferring them to fabric using Officeworks T-shirt transfer paper.

Since the transfer paper comes in A4 sheets, I decided that six labels would fit well on a page. I used Word software to design my labels and included the name of the quilt, my name, address and phone number, as well the year and any other information I thought useful. I was feeling creative, so chose to include a photo of the quilt on its label. Of course, that meant I had to photograph some of the quilts and process the photos. You know how one thing leads to another...

Some time later, I followed the instructions and had a sheet of labels. I cut them up and am now ready to attach them to the quilt. Would I do it again this way? Well yes, only because I have four pages of transfer paper left in the pack! But otherwise, probably not.

The name of the paper seems to be a misnomer, because it doesn't transfer the image to fabric, it fuses it. This means you don't need to mirror the text, so that's a bonus. The hand has a soft, plasticky feel, but sews easily. It was an interesting experiment, but I don't see any compelling reason to make labels this way. I'll probably stick with printing them direct onto fabric sheets.

How do you make your quilt labels? Please share your method by leaving a comment.


  1. My laser printer is no good for printing labels. I often use a Sharpie marker on the rear of a piece of fabric that I used in the quilt.

  2. A printed label does look professional
    I have downloaded several designs and then add my details as needed.
    I get 4 to a page with some editing


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