09 January 2010

Upon being dynamic

As is usual for my Saturday mornings, I've just finished perusing the employment section of The Sydney Morning Herald. It's not a huge section today, being so early in the working year, so maybe that's why this was so noticeable, or maybe it's just human resources departments bursting with new year's resolutions.

I'm talking about all those ads for dynamic people to work in dynamic organisations. I felt weak at the thought. Imagine all those people being dynamic together, or maybe trying to out-dynamic each other. Surely that's not what good workplaces really need?

I think I'll just slink off now, sit quietly in the corner, and be non-dynamic.

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  1. I'm SO with you on this, Erica. It used to be that every secretary and receptionist had to have a "bubbly" personality too. The very thought...!


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