16 February 2010

The homemade revolution

is the title of an article in the March issue of Notebook magazine. It's a thoughtful article by Francesca Newby that draws together the strings that tie craftspeople together and examines the factors that encourage us to hand-make items.

This probably won't be news to any of us, but I was interested to see a mainstream women's magazine devote time to it. Indeed, Notebook is launching a series of workshops this year to "teach you traditional crafts in a modern and stylish way."

This issue also includes a profile of Pip Lincolne, who many of you will know as the owner of Meet Me at Mike's in Melbourne, as well as a couple of her simple craft projects.

I don't have any affiliation with Notebook magazine (sadly!), but always enjoy the interesting mix of content. I especially love the gardening article this month, where Linda Ross describes how to grow ingredients for Thai cooking. Hmm, I have just the spot for a few of those. Back to the magazine....

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