21 February 2010

Patience and resilience

Nurturing a garden teaches me patience and resilience. Last week, on two consecutive days, the garden at the side of my house was flooded with sewerage from a blocked drain in the property next door. On each occasion, a plumber unblocked the drain and the water authorities came and hosed down, cleaned up and disinfected the area. I haven't ventured near the area since then.

Now, a couple of days later, I have seen the outcome. The grass is flattened and probably dead, the area is slightly smelly (that industrial-strength disinfectant sure is powerful) and the clay area under the clothes line is a bare hollow. Quite uninspiring, really.

I know, though, that this will pass. Once the area dries out completely, I will clean out the dead vegetation and replant. Perhaps I will lay a few paving stones under the clothesline to provide a dry, solid area on which to stand after rainy periods. I will rearrange the pot plants and prune the passion fruit vine. The bareness will pass in time and soon my side garden will rejuvenate.

The power of patience and resilience cannot be underestimated.


  1. Good on you, Erica. There's a lesson in there somewhere for me (I would have let it stress me - at least for a couple of days).

  2. Like the thunderous storm it was - from topsy turvy, you have turned the situation around - your patience & resilience is providing the opportunity to nourish your garden to create a place of delight for YOU. Hope you put a picture on your blog - all in good time!

  3. Maybe the 'manure' will pay off with the new plantings!! Please send us some rain - we have had none for months, hugs from Adelaide X

  4. I wouled be devistated if that happened to me. Our next door neighbour left his sprinkler on all night last summer and as we are all on a slope with us at the bottom it flowed into our garden and resulted in the bottom third of the garden flooding under about 2 inches of water. At least it was only water!!


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